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Happy birthday to my hero, the king of pop, the man who changed my life for the better, the man who made me fall in love with music, the man who taught me that smiling is always the best thing to do, the man who taught me that giving a little love to others makes everyone feel better, the man who also taught me and made me love English, he’s one of the most important people in my life. Happy 56th birthday to Michael Jackson! :) I love you so much, Michael. ♥

  • me:

    whats your opinion on tampons

  • little brother:

    they're little fuzzy sticks on strings

  • me:

    then you are ultimately more mature than most boys

  • little brother:


  • me:

    for some reason tampons are gross and taboo just cuz they go in a vagina

  • little brother:

    well so does a penis and boys never stop talking about those

  • me:

  • little brother:

  • me:

    that is a fantastic point

The Italian finesse.

  • Sofia about Duccio:

    «Who was that?»

  • Ezio:

    «Un cane. (A dog.) He was engaged to my sister many years ago.»

  • Sofia:

    «And what happened?»

  • Ezio:

    «His cazzo (dick) was engaged to six others.»










I am still thinking about this

Actually, the fruit of a tree is technically a reproductive organ, since it holds the tree’s seeds and all.

So, it wouldnt be cannabalism, you’d kinda be feeding them their own semen.


okay now i’ll reblog it

sorry I just wanted to point out that since fruit hold the seeds/ovules they’re technically ovaries and so you’re not drinking apple cum you’re drinking ovary blood

apple semen would be pollen from apple trees and it would just be powdery and awful

You’re really passionate about apples

Actually since fruit is fertilized eggs, you’re drinking liquefied apple fetus.

okay well since its a fetus, isnt just cannibalism that point?

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